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We have been offering our services for many years, and this is some of the things people have to say about LearnFrenchNYC:

Kevin Howard, ConciergeKevin Howard Testimonial

My name is Kevin Howard and I work for a prestigious hotel in New York as a lobby concierge. I am a proud member of Les Clefs d’Or USA and a local member of the New York City Association of Hotel Concierges.  In my profession, knowing more than one language is a valuable tool. I have been studying French with Eric for more than two years, for professional and private reasons, and I must declare that I am most fortunate to have found him.

Eric has helped me move forward from having a working-knowledge of the language to now being fluent and capable of having a conversation with another French-speaking person.

Eric takes his responsibility as a teacher in a very serious manner. He comes prepared with all the necessary tools required to perform the respectable job he does every lesson. In addition, Eric has a very friendly and warm demeanor that can encourage any student to want to study with him again after having had the first meeting. Lastly, Eric is very well-read and can discuss and relate on many topics with ease and familiarity; it’s those qualities that help make the sessions with Eric informative and fascinating….and in French!

I wholeheartedly endorse Eric and strongly believe anyone who hires Eric will learn French exactly the way the French themselves speak the language. No text book can substitute or rival what Eric brings to the table!

Kevin Howard Concierge

Kevin Howard Testimonial

Contact us at lessons@learnfrenchnyc.com or call 646-922-2915 for all inquiries or to book a lesson.

Mike K., ParentMike Kronberger Testimonial

I am so happy to write a recommendation for Eric. My son, Will is now a high school senior. When he was in the eighth grade he had a midterm exam in 'french that the teacher said was ungradeable. I then interviewed 2 people and hired Eric. My son received a B that semester. He has earned a B or B+ ever since. Now he is doing well in advanced French literature thanks to Eric. Eric comes to our house for the tutoring sessions. One semester when Will had a 3 hour brake between school and basketball practice they met in a Starbucks. Eric is a really terrific young man. Next year my son will be going to·Tulane. We will miss having Eric along for that journey.

Mike K.

Mike Kronberger Testimonial

Contact us at lessons@learnfrenchnyc.com or call 646-922-2915 for all inquiries or to book a lesson.



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LearnFrenchNYC showcases the best of French culture and offers classes, private tutoring, and translation services to New York City individuals, groups, and companies seeking the best in French instruction.

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