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Why learn French?

French is one of the major languages used for communication across our planet. Almost 119 million men and women throughout the world have French as their mother tongue or are fluent in it; a further 63 million are partly French-speakers and 85 million young people and adults are learning French: that is a total of about 270 million individuals who use the French language...

esson structure and method will be tailor-made to fit your current level, and cover your needs and interests. We offer lessons for all levels of French instruction, including:

  • Conversation, grammar, reading, writing (all levels)

  • Preparation for leisure or business trips to France and other francophone countries

  • Listening comprehension

  • Pronunciation, phonics

  • French culture (politics, literature, movies, music)

  • Business French (all levels)

  • Drafting business and academic documents